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Artisans Effort is a family owned private organization working only with fair trade import organizations and following fair trade criteria.

The Artisans Effort groups of artisans are from various places in local but most from Howrah (West Bengal РIndia),all specialists in their own fields in handicrafts items.They came together under one roof as they had  heard about fair trade.

They heard that with fair trade you are treated with respect, that a fair  price is paid and that a good relation is built between the producer and seller. All of us attached with this organisation had been previously not treated well. They had many problems like eg. not being paid well, there was irregularity of work and above all were rudely treated.
Slowly this group started to know more about fair trade procedures and had also attended the Fair Trade Forum in India to know more about the fair trade.

This is how Artisans Effort was born in October 2003.

” Our Motto”
We believe that fair trade enables beautiful hand made products to be sold at a price that is both reasonable for the customer and life changing for the artisans.

Artisans Effort ensure that artisans are treated fairly with dignity and the respect they deserve.

Artisans attached to Artisans Effort are talented people who are keeping traditional skills alive that would otherwise be lost.